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NYC Data Science Academy

Apps design/ Website design/ Branding

Project 1: Website Redesign

Site Structure | Homepage | Bootcamp page | Bundle's page and More..

As one of the most important ways of presenting the company, the website ( requires an update of the content, structure, and visual elements to provide a better user experience and solve issues existing on the current website.



  1. ​Understanding the current site structure and products offered 

  2. Understanding the target audience about their pain points and goals

  3. Conducting research to back up design decisions

  4. Prioritizing tasks/web page for developing

  5. Providing a better experience throughout the whole website by producing designs, iterations, and specification documentation

  6. Holding meetings to present proposals, research, and designs to the development team, marketing team and CTO

  7. Monitoring the process of developing, providing feedback and testing the final products


  1. Reorganized the product navigation bar to provide a clear view of products offered
  2. Renaming products and page to avoid confusion

  3. Introduced financing options throughout the site 

  4. Designed and generated content on the Bootcamp page with information that is essential for the clients 

  5. Designed and launched the checkout process and shopping cart page for both web and mobile platform

  6. Designed and launched the hiring partner page for better visual experience and linkage to the other product: Job Portal

Application Process Mock-up - Launching Soon

The Outcome

Emphasized the course offering highlights for Bootcamp page, increased user acquisition, the average time spent on the webpage increased 20%

Introduced new products, Bundles, to the clients, and achieved 200% sales growth the first day of launch

Project 2: Learning Management System

Progressive Web App

The NYCDSA Online Classroom system is a progressive web app that assists students to access course materials and related content. In this app, the admin portal is also designed and implemented to manage to enroll students, teaching assistants and course materials.


Student View Dashboard


  1. Provide a smooth experience for students who have signed up for the boot camp products to access course materials, taking quizzes, and submitting projects

  2. Create an intuitive experience for the administration team and instructors to manage programs, students, and assignments

  3. Host weekly meetings to discuss new requests, review tickets and assign tasks on Jira 


  1. Updated programs feature including the UI improvements and the workflow for students to review class video recording and download course documents

  2. Designed and launched student workflow including on-boarding experience, taking quizzes, and submitting homework and projects

  3. Designed and launched the referral feature for alumni to refer their friends and for administration team to collect, monitor, and analyze data for marketing insights

  4. Designed and launched progress viewer for instructors to have a clear overview of whether a student has met the part-time courses graduation standard

Admin Portal - User Manager - User

Admin View User Manager

Project DP Submission.png

Student View Project Submission Page

Project 3: Branding and Design system

Typeface | Color Scheme | Design guide

To help NYC Data Science Academy build its image and regulate how it presents itself to external clients and internal employees, the beneficiary launched the brand guidelines. In the guidelines, the beneficiary has formatted various templates that play an important role in display brand identity. 


  1. Interviewed company employees, synthesized insights and understood the company values, stories, and history

  2. Formatted company figure by providing guidelines on visual elements and templates


  1. Defined company values, stories and the tone of voice

  2. Selected company color palette, typefaces, and usage of the logo

  3. Redesigned the course logos and regulated the style of company icons

  4. Provided templates for presentation, social media posts and company emails


Design System inspired by Google Material Design

Project 4: Job Portal

Progressive Web App

NYCDSA provides career support including resume revision, opportunities to apply for exclusive jobs for qualified students. Job Portal ( is the progressive web app that helps students to develop their profile resume, apply for jobs and connect with the career support team; for the hiring partners to get to know our students and contact candidates who apply for their jobs; and for the admin team to coordinate and manage the activities.



  1. Provide solutions for, from the student perspective, how to build a profile, apply for jobs and connect with NYC Data Science Academy mentors

  2. Provide solutions for, from the hiring partner perspective, how to browse students, receive applications for their jobs, and connect with NYC Data Science Academy Administration team

  3. Provide solutions for, from the NYC Data Science Academy Administration team perspective, how to manage students, mentors, job postings, mentor meetings, and system emails

  4. Host weekly meetings to discuss new requests, review tickets and assign tasks in Jira


  1. Launched the student profile resume feature including profile editors and resume book

  2. Launched job board feature that allows admin to post jobs, students to apply for jobs and hiring partners to view candidates and contact both candidates and NYC Data Science Academy administration

  3. Launched a mentor meeting feature that allows students to book meeting with mentors, rate mentors; mentors to manage their meetings; and administration team to monitor the mentors and the meetings

Group 2.png

Mentor Meeting Scheduler - Live

Screenshot 2019-07-06 16.43.09.png

Review implementation

Galaxy S21 Ultra.png

Video call UX

Integrating Google DUO (Meet) with the native phone, message, and contact app

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (1).png

Productivity Enhancement

Optimize your work and persona life with better UX. Explore the new Native OS note sharing feature

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