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Setup Wizard 

Case study - Verizon Galaxy devices

Project Background

Project intro

  • The company constantly updates its Setup Wizard during OS upgrade

  • The company collaborates with Google and Verizon for Verizon Galaxy devices


  • HQ Setup Wizard UX Designer

  • HQ Setup Wizard PM

  • HQ UX Researcher

  • Noida R&D team

  • Verizon Device & Product Marketing Manager

  • Verizon Executive Experience Designer

Project goal

  • Identify user expectations and apply findings to future improvement

  • Adapt new policies and requirement from 3rd party partners

Setup Wizard Overview

Setup Wizard flow

The setup wizard is a crucial part of setting up Samsung smartphones and tablets, guiding users through initial configuration steps like language selection and Wi-Fi setup. Samsung customizes the wizard for carriers like Verizon, ensuring seamless integration with carrier-specific services and features during setup.

As the UX designer, I continually refine its onboarding experience for new flagship launches twice a year, adapting to the latest Google policies, Verizon requirements, and user behaviors.

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Onboarding UX Research

Focus Group Interview (2021)

I have been conducting focus group interviews in two countries to enhance user experience. By gathering insights directly from consumers in diverse cultural contexts, I aim to tailor Samsung's products and services accordingly, ensuring they resonate with users worldwide.

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What is the most important factor that need to be included in Onboarding experience?


Data Transfer


  • Quick transfer of the important data without any data losses will allow usage of the new device

  • Thinking data transfer takes a long time

  • Some experienced disconnection during the wireless data transfer

  • Inputting Wi-Fi password and registered accounts is expected but cumbersome


‘I did the activation at home. Feel uncomfortable to look for the Wi-FI password from my router.’


  • Quick data transfer with no loss

  • Easier data input method


Fast Activation


  • Skip/proceed onboarding stage fast due to excitement coming from the new device

  • But still want to come back and finish up the setting process when feel like it


‘Since I purchased a new phone, I would like to see the homescreen fast. It takes too long to register fingerprint unlock so I skip it for now.’


  • Allow ‘Skip’ for every step

  • Guide step after ‘Skip’




  • Expected to see guidance of new features & and changed features

  • Feature naming and description are not intuitive

  • Do not attempt the ‘details’ page/guidance


‘I guess just so I could get the most out of the phone. It took me through something that I know, like everything that I could do with the phone, as opposed to getting in and figuring out for myself.’


  • Introduce useful feature

  • Use precise and intuitive wording

User Journey

User Journey

Understanding the user journey is crucial during device transitions. However, users find inputting Wi-Fi and passwords cumbersome, legal terms unclear, and wireless transfer problematic. Despite challenges, they appreciate the ability to explore new features directly and selective data transfer options.

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Legal Agreement

Research findings

I explored user attitudes towards legal terms during device setup. Findings revealed that users often find the wording of legal terms confusing and tend to skip reading them. US users typically spend more time on legal terms than South Korean users. Despite this, users generally trust default selections by the brand and prioritize immediate device usage.

Do not read terms

The wording used in legal terms is hard to understand; therefore, do not waste time to read it.

Agree all terms

Most common case

Usually trust the brand for selection and like to use the device ASAP

US pays more attention

US users tend to spend more time on legal terms a lot more than South Korean users

Not agree all terms

Not selecting by default

Only selecting when it looks helpful after reading

Terms & Conditions changes

The design changes implemented focused on enhancing clarity and addressing issues found in the research.


To achieve this, we streamlined the layout and wording, making it more concise and easier to understand. Additionally, we added 'details' for all items to provide users with comprehensive information. Furthermore, the button text was updated to ensure accuracy.


All modifications underwent rigorous legal approval to guarantee compliance and accuracy, reflecting our commitment to user-centric design and legal integrity.

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After Setup Findings

Three most behaviors after Setup Wizard


Check new features

From settings app or Youtube video


Log in 3rd party apps

Confirm all 3rd party apps are running properly


Personalized settings

Such as screen brightness, battery saving, widget setup, edge panel setup

Research findings post-setup wizard reveal high satisfaction with Galaxy features, particularly among non-previous-Galaxy users, and appreciation for the extensive customization options.


However, dislikes include the lack of introduction to new features/changes and discomfort with the UI differences from previous devices.

To address these findings, design opportunities emerge in the form of providing guidance for new features and optimizing settings to enhance user experience and familiarity.

Adding Display mode selection in Setup Wizard

Based on our findings, we have decided to incorporate a step in the setup wizard to introduce new features. The initial setting will introduce the light/dark mode option.


We are mindful of user preferences and will ensure that this step is included not only during initial setup but also after OS upgrades. Additionally, users who restore their device from Smart Switch will have the option to skip this step if desired. This approach aims to enhance user experience by guiding new features while allowing flexibility for user preferences and familiarity.

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Security & Permission Research

Research Survey (2021)

Another online research survey was conducted in two countries to understand user perception of privacy and security, satisfaction with personal information protection, and utilization.

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Recognition of Personal Information utilization

Unpleasant & Concerning

Users are dissatisfied with ads displayed on smartphone and that smartphones track their activities

Why grant access

The more users understand how the information is used and what the benefits are, the more they are will to provide

Customized ads is better

Ads is tailored to me are better than ads that have nothing to do with me, and sometimes are useful

Users know little

Most users only know if they agreed or refused to provide such information. They don’t know how it used and how to withdrawal.

Permission page first launched

The permission page in the Setup Wizard adheres to Google's privacy policy (2022), incorporating the Samsung service page as required. This ensures transparency and clarity for users regarding data usage and privacy practices during device setup. It is also a chance for us to show users why the information are collected, expecting a higher opt-in rate based on the research findings.

Group 1000003403.png

Permission page iterations

Feedback for the permission page was divided into two sides. The positive sides including this page help users to decide if they need to opt-in, and they get to see all the items all it once. However the downside includes overwhelming content and difficult to understand, similar to the legal agreement. 

Group 1000003409.png

With the above comment in mind, the new version follows a clear structure, detailing benefits, tradeoffs, and required permissions. This concise format improves readability and helps users make informed decisions during setup. The permission page has been updated with Google's approval, reducing the number of items to reduce the burden of reading content.

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Business impact

3rd party partnership

Enhancing the setup wizard experience for Verizon users consolidates the collaboration between Samsung and Verizon, fostering a deeper relationship between the two companies

~8.52 Million users

Enhances the user experience for Verizon users who enjoys the new phone, leading to increased satisfaction and potentially higher retention rates, ultimately driving business growth

Launched with Galaxy S24

Meeting latest industry standards, ensures compliance with the latest requirements from third-party partners, demonstrating Samsung's commitment to meeting industry standards and customer expectations

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