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Collaboration UX upgrade

Case study - Samsung notes

Project Background

Project intro

The main objective of this project is to elevate the collaborative experience within Samsung Notes. Presently, the app restricts sharing to entire notebooks, lacking the ability to share individual notes— an outdated design limitation.

The project aims to address this issue by exploring a streamlined and effortless method for note-sharing while catering to other essential user needs throughout the process.


  • R&D, Sr. professional

  • HQ UX designers, VP of design

  • Samsung account team

  • 3rd party research agency

My Role

In collaboration with a third-party research agency, I developed the recruitment criteria and interview questions for a study on general productivity enhancement. Upon reviewing the report, I identified a pressing need for improvements to the app.


To address this, I worked alongside Headquarter UX designers, NJ office UX designers, and PM colleagues, to ideate potential solutions. I also collaborated with R&D to further ensure that proposed design solutions were feasible and incorporated their feedback into the final design presentation, which was presented to the VP.

As a result, the proposed idea was selected for further development by the note app team and was released in beta version in March 2023.

Why are we upgrading?

There is a demand, but why don’t our users use Samsung notes for collaboration?

Based on the user research, it appears that all of users rely on their phone's note app for quick and easy note-taking. A significant portion of these users also share their notes with others.
However, the adoption of the Samsung note-sharing feature is low, with only a few users having used it.

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 9.53 1.png

News from April 2019

The 'Shared notebook' is an outdated system.

Samsung's current approach to note-sharing is 'Shared notebook,' which only allows users to share entire notebooks rather than individual notes. Users wants to have a quick and easy solution.
Therefore, we are proposing the new ‘Shared notes.’

Group 127.png
The outcome
Group 128.png

Our users love the new solution. The new version received an 87.5% satisfaction rate and also boosted the rating for the overall app in the Google play store.

Group 129.png
Research & Definition

Objectives & Funnel strategy

Multiple workshops and interview sessions were conducted to align our internal teams. We also met with user groups to understand their high-level expectations. These sessions provided valuable insights and set the foundation for our user-centered approach.

Group 130.png
Group 131.png
Research & Definition

Deep dive into user painpoints

After speaking with the users and comparing with the current solutions, I have identified the pain points and some expectation for the new solution.

Group 69.png

Initial & Final feature list after aligning with cross funciton teams

The new solution

Collaborating Experience

Based on the research and the alignment with cross-functional teams, here is the new solution for the upgraded collaborating experience.

Group 134.png
It is easy to use.

Create new shared notes

The new solution provides two easy ways to create new shared notes. Just like creating a regular note, users only need one tap on the FAB. They can also convert the existing personal note into a shared note.

Group 136.png
Recording 2023-07-06 220635.gif

Title bar

Access desired information - Homepage

The homepage is redesigned to place ‘notifications,’ ‘shared notebook,’ and ‘shared notes.’ It seamlessly merges with the existing notebook system, yet provides a familiar way for the shared note. Different UI layouts for various conditions and view types are also provided.

Group 137.png


Shared notebooks


Shared notes

Shared note view types

Group 138.png

Shared note status

Group 139.png

Title bar

Access desired information - Member

The member information can also be accessed by expanding the title bar. The same component as the personal note.

Group 140.png

Inspired by existing elements

Mask group.png


Personal note expanded title                          Shared notebook member list

Share with others using different methods

The sharing experience has also been improved to avoid confusion by showing the target limitation upfront.
The new solution provides the additional approach of ‘share link’ which gives more flexibility to the users.

Group 143.png

Receive and respond to invitation

The notification system is also redesigned to ensure consistency and awareness.

Group 143 (1).png
The new solution

Collaborating Experience

Based on the research and the alignment with cross-functional teams, here is the new solution for the upgraded collaborating experience.

Group 144.png
Group 145.png
It has a powerful toolkit.

Allow granular permissions

When collaborating, having different roles in the shared group is essential. Therefore, the new solution provides three role types: leader, editor, and viewer to fulfill all the needs. Leaders will be required to select another leader when leave.

Group 144 (1).png

Edit member info

Group 146.png

When leaders leave, they need to pick a new leader

Mention team members

This feature was developed from the insights of assigning tasks to others and a comment system. Due to development restrictions, I aligned with the R&D team to only provide a 'mention' function for the current update.

Group 147.png

Type @ to mention

Type name to mention

Shared notes LP - invitation (1) 1.png

The recipient will receive a notification

Collaborate in real-time

The new solution allows multiple users to edit at the same time, the changes will be reflected in real-time. However, it is nice to inform users about other people’s status, so that they will not be surprised.

Group 148.png
  1. If more than one user opens the note, the blue dot will be shown next to the number and next to the profile.

  2. The role of the member does not matter if read-only or not.

  3. If the other members leave, the dot will disappear.

  4. A smart tip will be provided for the first time to explain the UI.

The new solution

Collaborating Experience

Based on the research and the alignment with cross-functional teams, here is the new solution for the upgraded collaborating experience.

Group 149.png
Group 103 (1) 1.png
It is beyond one device.

Seamless switch among devices

During user research, many users mention how synced notes help them to boost productivity. And here is a chance to take a step further with continuing on other devices.

Group 62.png
Re-visit the objectives

Objectives & Funnel strategy

To make sure the new solution is fulfilling the initial objectives and strategy, here is a comparison of the new features and the diagram. As the diagram shows below, the objectives have been successfully transferred into living features.

Outcome & Items to improve


  • Presented to VP and fellow HQ UX designers

  • Launched the feature in March 2023 in Beta version

  • Received 87.5% satisfaction rate

Items to improve

There is never the perfect design, some areas can be investigated further or revisited in the future when the team has more time or resources. The way of collaborating among teams can also be optimized for the next project.

Group 152.png
Project specs

Font table

Group 153.png

Color palette

Group 154.png
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