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It is taking you to the list of following accounts.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 17.57.16.png

A Small Question...

Screenshot 2018-12-28 11.57.33.png

What does this icon do?


Pinterest is a great resource for inspirations. People can search for anything on Pinterest and find beautiful images. If the user wants to keep the image, he or she can save the “pins” into different “boards” for future references, just like we can save files into different folders on a computer.


On Pinterest, you can also follow other users, being notified when the user pins something new. You can choose to follow the entire account or just the boards you are interested in.


However, when I was using the app, I have encountered some difficulties.

     Existing Product Usability Test     

What do users think about the following feature?

Scenario & Task I

Imagine you are using Pinterest to find some inspirations on flowers. You find a pin and the person saved it has a great taste just like you. Can you follow the board this person pinned this image to?


  • It is hard to notice the account and the board on the content detailed page.

  • The button of the account and the board are very close, you don’t know which one you have clicked.

  • If the user taps on the account, there is no clue on which board the image belongs to.

  • Clicking the image is taking the users to the external website and most time they just want to expand the image.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 18.27.28.png

Click the name of the board to go to the board

Scenario & Task II

You used to love Rococo Style Interior Decorations and followed tons of accounts with it. Now you prefer minimalism and want to less Rococo content. Can you find where you manage all the following accounts and unfollow those ones with Rococo?


  • The user can’t find the place to manage following accounts information under the following tab.

  • When the user can’t find a list of account under the “following” tab, the user often goes to “saved” and taps on the text below account name to access to the following info.

  • Once on the account detailed page, Most users found the follow and unfollow button easily.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 18.27.28.png

Click the name of the board to go to the board

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