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One UI 3.0

at Samsung

One step further on what users love

From One UI 2.5 to One UI 3.0, the users love the core value, and Samsung would love to go one step further based on market feedback:

  • to enhance visual esthetic perfection

  • to simplify the workflow and avoiding distraction

  • to deliver personalized information

  • to emphasize user identity 

Below are some examples of how One UI 3.0 achieves what Samsung wants. Even though I have categorized them into different sections, some examples contain improvements from more aspects.

1. Visual Enhancement

Quick panel.png

Emphasize on 

date and time

Easier access to devices and media

Transparent and blur background

Consistent style for bottom buttons

The updated quick panel has demonstrated the aesthetic improvement of One UI 3.0. It is creating an immersive user experience by applying a semi-transparent and blur background. The button bar is also visually becoming a part of the quick panel as well for the same reason. Instead of a feeling of a quick panel on top of the main content, it creates a seamless experience when interacting with it.


Put time as the most important element

Reduce distraction from less important info

Make major CTA

eye-attractive and straightforward

The alarm popup page has also been redesigned. Usually, when the alarm turns on, users just want to turn it off or snooze when needed, for example, in the morning waking up. The new layout has emphasized only two elements, time and major button so that users can find what they want within a glance.

2. Simplicity and consistency


Presets and tutorials

'If' & 'Then' on the same screen

'Add routine' as a tab

The updated Bixby routines feature makes the learning process easier. On the landing page, users have access to presets and easy tutorials. 'Add routine' is added as a tab for easier accessibility. When creating a routine, the condition 'If' & 'Then' are merged onto one screen, so that the logic for the routine will be straightforward when building.

contact detailed page.png

Buttons move to bottom bar for one-hand reachability

Most important information only

Icons stand out more

The top contact summary card is simplified by displaying the core information. The icons are changed into filled icons for better readability. The 'favorites' and 'more' buttons are moved to the button bar for reachability. It becomes easier for users to interact with one hand.


Allow users to edit apps within focus mode

One UI 3.0 has also reduced the workflow for some features; editing apps with focus mode is one of them. In One UI 2.5, when the user activates focus modes, only a few apps will be available to help the user keep focus. If the user wants to edit the available apps, he/she need to end focus mode first then edit the list. In One UI 3.0, the user can directly edit within the focus mode to reduce extra work.

3. Personalized information


Provide suggestions based on active functions

Add icons for different groups for better readability

Nowadays, users are always overwhelmed by all the information in front of them. By displaying personalized information only, unrelated information is filtered out. Users can locate the most valuable information more easily. In One UI 3.0, the accessibility page will display 'Things to try' like 'Bold font' based on the active function 'High contrast fonts'. Icons are also added for different menu items so that users can get the information within a glance.

4. Expressing user identity

call bg.png

Customize call background when receiving calls

Select layout when receiving calls

One of the characters GenZ has is the desire to express themselves more. One UI 3.0 provides various ways to make the digital experience more personal. Users can assign call background using any images or videos. They can also select different layouts when receiving the call.


Icons with border for better readability

Display the account information as the first item

On the Settings page, users will be able to see their names displayed as the first item as part of their Samsung account. It reinforces the feeling of owning the devices. Icons for different menu items are also updated for readability.

Final Thoughts

As a designer working on the transition and implementation of One UI 3.0, I feel a big sense of achievement when One UI 3.0 launched. I believe the system is being improved and the fact that using user data to drive design is really great. And I expect to enhance the experience more in the future.

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