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Learning ManagementSystem

Provide an intergrated hub for students, instructors, and mentors to support daily learning needs.

Project Background


As a leading provider of Data Science boot camps, Supstat Inc is dedicated to helping students transition their careers into the field of Data Science. To ensure the success of our students, we recognize the need for a robust, user-friendly online LMS that will serve the needs of our students, instructors, and administrators.

Internal Stakeholders 

  • Project Manager

  • Software engineers

  • Instructors and Admin

My Role

As the in-house designer for Supstat Inc.'s online Learning Management System (LMS), I played a crucial role in the development and launch of the program. I conducted reviewing the current system and identified areas for improvement. Using my expertise in design, I proposed and provided prototypes for the new LMS.

I worked closely with cross-functional teams, including the development team, project manager, and CFO to ensure that the new LMS met the needs of students, instructors, and administrators. In addition, I interviewed students to gather feedback and ensure that the LMS was designed with the user in mind.

My hard work and dedication paid off when the new LMS was launched with the help of the project manager and R&D team. The LMS was designed and developed in an agile environment, allowing for quick iterations and improvements based on user feedback. Furthermore, my contributions to the LMS development were instrumental in securing ACCET approval.

The Benefit

For Company

  1. LMS provides a competitive edge for the company in the market by offering a comprehensive and convenient learning solution to its students.

  2. LMS streamlines course management, allowing for increased efficiency and potentially reduced costs in the long run.

  3. LMS's reporting and analytics features provide valuable insights into student performance and course effectiveness, which can be used to optimize course offerings and improve student outcomes. Overall, the online LMS is a valuable asset to the company that can help drive growth and succes

For Users

  1. Students can benefit from the LMS's user-friendly and interactive platform that allows for personalized learning, progress tracking, and peer collaboration.

  2. Instructors can save time and effort with streamlined course management and grading, as well as the ability to create engaging and interactive course content.

  3. Administrators benefit from efficient course scheduling and enrollment management, as well as access to robust reporting and analytics features.

Identify User Groups

3 major user groups

As mentioned above, the LMS is developed for three major user groups. And each group is having different goals and pain points.

  • Students

  • Instructors

  • Admin

Student: Rachel Smith

Age: 25

Occupation: Marketing Assistant

Background: Rachel has a degree in Marketing but has always been interested in data analysis. She wants to pivot her career into data science and is enrolling in an in-person boot camp to gain the necessary skills. Rachel is a self-motivated learner who enjoys working at her own pace and is comfortable with online learning but prefers the structure and accountability of in-person classes.


 Gain the skills and knowledge needed to transition into a career in data science

 Complete the in-person boot camp within a set timeframe

 Obtain a certification that will help secure a job in the field


New to data science and may require additional support and guidance as she navigates the course content

May face time management challenges or miss deadlines​

Overview (1).png

Student Overview Page

Instructor: David Kim

Age: 35

Occupation: Data Scientist

Background: David has a Master's degree in Computer Science and has been working as a data scientist for the past 10 years. He has experience working with various industries and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. David recently joined the team as an instructor for the in-person bootcamp and is excited to teach and mentor the next generation of data scientists.


  Update course materials to ensure students receive the latest content

  Automated tools or assistance to help with grading​

  Provide personalized feedback to each student given the large class size


 Always reminding students with assignment deadlines

❓ Addressing students who constantly ask for the same course materials

Instructor's Module Edit page

Admin: Lisa Chen

Age: 32

Occupation: Administrative Coordinator

Background: Lisa has been working at NYC Data Science Academy for two years. She is responsible for managing administrative tasks and supporting the smooth functioning of the organization. She works closely with the Vice President, instructors, and students to ensure a positive learning experience.


  Manage the enrollment process for students, ensuring that all required documents are completed and that students are properly registered for their courses

  Monitor student progress throughout their courses and identify students who may be falling behind or need additional support

  Communicate regularly with students, instructors, and the CFO to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on administrative tasks and that any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner


Managing multiple tasks and responsibilities simultaneously, often with competing deadlines

Managing student data and ensuring accuracy and completeness, especially in large classes or during periods of high enrollment

❓Providing analytical reports to CFO to help shaping the bugsiness strategy

Admin Portal - User Manager - User DP.png

Admin's Student Detailed Page

The 'Timeline' Study

Timeline component

As mentioned above, the timeline component is important in the LMS because it helps students view their course schedule in a clear and organized way, especially for in-person bootcamps. It shows what tasks and assignments are due, what topics will be covered in upcoming classes, and any important deadlines or events. This allows students to plan their time effectively and stay on track with their learning goals.

It will also reduce the possibility of missing deadlines which is going to be beneficial for instructors and the company.

Below are some experiments for the timeline component.

course landing page option2.png
course landing page (2).png

Do we actually need a 'Timeline?'

After experimenting with various UI designs for the timeline component, I began to question whether it was truly necessary. Was it worth the development cost and the space it took up on the dashboard? I wondered if there was a simpler solution to remind students about their deadlines.


After careful consideration, I discovered that a to-do list would be sufficient for the student's needs. This approach is not only more organized and easier to develop, but it also takes up less space on the page. Ultimately, this solution provides a more streamlined and efficient experience for the user.

Other student portal flows

Student Portal Menu Items

This prototype highlights the student experience of navigating through the boot camp courses. In addition to accessing the course materials, students are also required to complete projects that have a significant impact on their grades.


The site also includes helpful features such as announcements and a grade book, which support the learning journey by providing updates and feedback on progress. By providing a comprehensive platform that encompasses both coursework and practical projects, students are able to more fully engage with and excel in their studies.

Student Portal Quiz

The quiz tool provides students with a way to assess their learning progress and test their knowledge gained from classroom instruction. The quiz is thoughtfully designed to adapt to different question types, including both multiple-choice and coding questions.


In addition to the benefits for students, the tool streamlines the grading process for instructors, as grades are automatically generated. With more efficient grading, instructors can dedicate more time to preparing course materials and reviewing project submissions, ultimately leading to a better overall learning experience.

Brand and UX Guide

Brand Guideline

The brand guidelines launched by the beneficiary aim to establish a consistent image and presentation of NYC Data Science Academy to both external clients and internal employees. These guidelines include a range of templates that serve a crucial role in showcasing the brand identity of the organization.

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