As a team, we used a few methods, including contextual inquiry, usability testing of the existing site, card sorting and heuristic analysis, to get the insights and frame the targeted audience.

Contextual Inquiry is to observe people’s action within the stores and ask them questions. We have interviewed five people and discovered that customers love to explore and they are really appreciated the vibes and professionalism of the store. However, they are overwhelmed by the massive selection of the products.

To test out the existing site, we designed three tasks including finding a cheese, a cookbook, and registering an offline event. Based on the feedback we get, a few insights were generated.

1. Poor Navigation

2. No clear filter for classes

Since we realized there were issues on the existing site, we wanted to dig deeper into using the card sorting method. We listed 100 items on the site and asked testers to categorize them, open and closed. “Open card sorting” means users can create their own categories and organize the items. “Closed card sorting” means users categorize items under the options we provided.

In Heuristic Analysis, we evaluated the existing site from different perspectives. The same issues have been mentioned again. However, we did find that Eataly, as a successful company, has great value in their branding. The attempt at sharing Italian culture can be a massive selling point and potentially creates associations back to online shopping.

From the research we did, I was able to generate a persona to frame our targeted customers. Let’s meet Jackie. She is a middle-aged woman living in NYC. As an Italian food lover, she appreciates the professional service in Eataly’s local stores, as well as the high-quality foods. 
However, the confusing navigation system of the existing site is a big issue for her. She is not able to locate specific items; it is hard for her to register an offline event, and she struggles when looking for inspirations.

Here is a User Journey of Jackie's before, during and after visiting the site. By analyzing her pain points and opportunities, I will be able to have a better idea of the process. 

I also did a sitemap for my revised design and broke down each layer of pages and see if the locations they are living are making sense.


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