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Esport Stock Market

A platform for esports enthusiasts to invest in their favorite athletes using cryptocurrency and engage in fantasy sports.

Project Background


The Esports industry is booming in the last ten years. Millions of fans are willing to spend time and money on this new form of sports. Our client saw the need to invest the athletes and trade shares inspired by Fantasy Sports. They also wanted to incorporate cryptocurrency. However, it can be overwhelming for first-time players to understand how the platform works. 

Project Platform

  • WebApp

  • Web responsive design

My Role

Lead UX designer

The Context

As the company, PlayerShare.GG prepares for its beta release, it aims to validate its preliminary designs through usability testing and user research, with the primary goal of enabling users to create an account and buy/sell shares on the platform to release their minimum viable product (MVP).

The Challenge

The Challenge

The project faces the challenge of incorporating multiple layers of concepts into the platform. Some examples are the creation of a seamless onboarding experience; encompassing everything from user sign-up to their first transaction; and easy-to-read portfolio pages.


Additionally, it is crucial to maintain user engagement and encourage regular platform usage, both during the esports season and in the off-season periods.

Demo Video

Desk Research and User Interview

Research Overview

Encountering a project with numerous complex concepts for the first time, it was critical to ensure that the entire team was aligned on the three primary concepts: Esports, Fantasy Sports, and Cryptocurrency.

Following a stakeholder meeting, I conducted snowball recruiting, asking interviewees to refer potential candidates to ensure sufficient interviewees.

Ultimately, I interviewed a total of 14 individuals, with 11 discussing Esports, 10 discussing Fantasy Sports, and 9 discussing Cryptocurrency, as some interviewees were knowledgeable about more than one aspect.

List of participants

Research Findings

Player's Personality

In the world of esports, fans are drawn to players not only for their performance but also for their unique personalities.

The platform has the opportunity to:

  1. Incorporate player personalities into the platform through gamification elements such as badges, tutorials, and GG Score, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.

  2. Establish a mechanism that allows users to develop a long-term investment in their favorite players, fostering a sense of loyalty and commitment to the platform.

🗣️“It's a combination of their skill and the game, and balancing that with their personality, and the actual stream."


As the duration of a fantasy "season" extended, players experienced a heightened sense of investment.

The platform has the opportunity to:

  1. Embrace the immersive and personal nature of "Keeper" fantasy sports, where users can retain players from one season to the next, fostering a deeper connection and commitment.

  2. Incentivize and reward users for their continued investment in players, creating a sense of recognition and motivation for staying engaged with the platform.

🗣️“The daily are more of an optimization problem where there are fewer constraints, the constraint is the money and how you spend's a more math-based approach. I think there is more feeling in terms of a regular draft.”


To make informed decisions, users require access to relevant information.

The platform has the opportunity to:

  1. Offer comprehensive statistics and provide contextual information to players, enabling them to analyze and assess performance effectively.

  2. Deliver up-to-date news and updates to players, ensuring they stay informed about the latest developments in the esports world, enhancing their decision-making process.

🗣️“I guess more specifically, it can be difficult to track stats for how good a sports player is.”


🗣️“Without news, you're not making informed decisions. You're just throwing darts at the wall.”

User testing on existing prototype

What worked

The concept of the existing prototype was successful in generating excitement among users, enticing them to engage with the platform.

🗣️“How are shares established, and how many shares are there?”

What didn't worked

The platform was challenging to understand, making it difficult for users to comprehend the mechanics of the platform.

Users required additional context to play effectively, indicating that the onboarding process was insufficient.

🗣️“It looks like an asset exchange, where it's listing different things you could potentially buy at their price and the change in real-time.”


As-Is Mockup

User Persona


Age: 25

Occupation: Software Developer

Matt enjoys watching football, participating in fantasy sports leagues with friends, playing esports, and watching people stream his favorite games. When watching a stream, Matt enjoys that he can interact in real-time, not only learning about the streamer’s in-game strategy but their personality as well.


Matt loves the social aspect of esports, and feels at home in the community, whether chatting online during a stream, attending a live event, or watching from a bar with other fans. Because he spends so much time with the game, he forms opinions about the players. His opinions are backed by research, statistics, and his “gut,” and he makes predictions on who will win based on information and intuition. He enjoys being right as much as he enjoys the trash talk that comes from discussing the game with his friends.


Stay up-to-date with players and the community

Connect with others online and in person

Discuss individual games and the metagame

Compete with others based on his player and game knowledge

Feel invested in players long-term


Recognition for his knowledge/predictions

Limited by regular fantasy sports roster play

Waiting until the season begins to play fantasy sports

Searching scattered news and data

Information can be challenging to evaluate

Matt is new to PlayerShare and he wants to play.
How might we introduce Matt to PlayerShare and provide him the content he needs to get started and stay engaged?

Iteration and User testing

Task 1: Create an Account

Iteration 1 - Low Fi

The users expressed confusion regarding the necessity and purpose of integrations within the platform.


They found it challenging to comprehend why these integrations were required and what specific functions they served.

🗣️“What’s a Civic Account?”


🗣️ “This uses cryptocurrency?”


Iteration 2 - High Fi

While some users had a better understanding of integrations within the platform, there were still individuals who required additional context and clarification about the purpose and benefits of these integrations.

🗣️“I am confused because it asked me for the identity without showing enough or gaining my trust.”


Iteration 3 - High Fi Final

The final design now provides clearer explanations regarding integrations, including:

  • What integrations are

  • How integrations work

  • Why integrations should be trusted

Task 2: Understand the dashboard

Iteration 1 - Low Fi

The users found the layout of the platform easy to comprehend and navigate without any issues.

However, they had questions and sought further clarification regarding the content and game mechanics, indicating a need for more information and guidance in these areas.

On a positive note, the users expressed great enthusiasm for the concept of Dividends, showing a strong appreciation for this feature of the platform.

🗣️“It’s like you’re winning free money. It feels more like a game…I’m much more willing to play this because of the extra money and I don’t have to care so much about the stock market aspect.”

Iteration 2 - High Fi

After receiving an explanation, the users responded positively to GG Score and appreciated its inclusion in the platform.

However, they expressed a desire for more information and details regarding the Activity, as they found the names to be too long and the information provided to be too brief. They expected more detailed transactions to be available.

Additionally, the users suggested connecting Achievements to GG Score, indicating that this would enhance their overall experience with the platform.

🗣️“Achievements do not have to be at the same level as shares/bonuses.”

Iteration 3 - High Fi Final

The platform has now incorporated more spaces and opportunities for activities, ensuring a balanced presence alongside Shares and Bonuses.

To enhance the user experience, group achievements have been aligned with GG Score, as they are closely related concepts.

Furthermore, improvements have been made to the sorting functionality for graphs, making it easier and more user-friendly to navigate and analyze data.

Task 3: Place an order

Iteration 1 - Low Fi

Some users found the ordering concept within the platform confusing and required further clarification to understand its functionality.

Users expressed concerns about the crowded nature of the platform, particularly when accessing it on mobile devices. They found the interface to be overwhelming and suggested improvements to enhance readability and usability.

There was confusion surrounding the process of trading from the Dashboard, indicating a need for clearer instructions or a more intuitive design to facilitate this action.

🗣️“I want to sell the same way as I buy it.”

Iteration 2 - High Fi

To address user feedback, the platform has implemented the following improvements:

  1. Enhanced information: Users can now access detailed graphs for all financial and game statistics. This allows for a deeper analysis and understanding of the data.

  2. Expanded information: Additional information has been added to the platform, including details about coaches, trading volume, and team information. This provides users with a more comprehensive view of the esports ecosystem and enhances their decision-making process.

🗣️“Having as much information for what you’re buying and selling is important.”


Iteration 3 - High Fi Final

The platform has been redesigned to provide more breathing room, allowing for better organization and placement of information. This ensures that users can easily navigate and interact with the platform without feeling overwhelmed.

All the information that users have requested, including detailed graphs, coach information, trading volume, and team details, is now accessible within the platform. Users can access this information whenever they need it, providing them with a comprehensive and seamless experience.

Tablet & Phone UI
Outcome & What I learned


  • Successfully approved by Client

  • Development started for Beta release

What I learned

The project involved combining four complex concepts: eSport, Crypto, Fantasy Sports, and the stock market. Initially, both users and I as the designer found it challenging to understand and grasp all the knowledge associated with these concepts. However, after dedicating time and effort, I successfully translated and simplified these complex concepts into a user-friendly UI for the company.

Reflecting on the project, given the opportunity to do it again, I would focus on exploring the community perspective and improving the onboarding experience. This would ensure that users are not only able to understand the platform but also become deeply engaged and hooked on the experience.

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