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In this project, I led the integration of Google Meetinto the Samsung phone app, aimed at providing users with a seamless and reliable way to make video calls to their contacts. This collaboration with Google enhanced user experience and aligned with Samsung's strategic roadmap to expand partnerships with leading tech companies like Google.


  • Fulfill user needs: Setting up preferred ways of calling different recipients 

  • Keep the current structure: Maintain the structure of the phone, contact, or any related apps to avoid development costs and risk

  • Stick with the universal behavior: Minimalize Verizon delta for a consistent Samsung behavior


  • Samsung HQ:

    • Headquarter UX Designer

    • Content & Service, Sr, Project Manager

    • Technical Project Manager

  • Noida R&D Team

  • Verizon:

    • Device & Product Marketing Manager

    • Executive Experience Designer

    • Principal UX Designer

Integrating Google Meet into the Samsung Phone App

Role and Responsibilities

As the UX designer based in our NJ office, I served as the primary point of contact for Verizon, facilitating communication and feedback integration between the headquarters design team and Verizon stakeholders.


My responsibilities included conceptualizing, designing, and implementing solutions that met both user needs and business goals.

Why do we need this integration?

During the pandemic, there has been a huge demand for video communication, an increased of 503%.


Increased user needs

Google Meet has the highest quality satisfaction compared to other video call apps (Zoom, WhatsApp, etc)


Meet’s good review

‘Verizon video call’ has limitations including one-on-one call only, no cross-platform or cross-carrier support


Limitation on current solution

1st draft from HQ

In this proposal, the headquarters call team was providing one consistent Chooser UX across all related apps and entrances including Dialer, Call history, Contact, and Message.

When I first got the design, I noticed that the design was not fulfilling the user's needs for the following reasons.

  • There is an extra step to make video calls every time.

  • It is not flexible for users to set up for each contact.

When I delivered the solution to the Verizon team due to time constrain, it was rejected for the same reasons. Therefore, I need to propose a new design to resolve the concerns.

How to reduce this extra step?

To resolve the blocker of this extra step, I gathered HQ UX designers, and R&D to brainstorm some possible solutions.


Remember the last selection?

The 1st proposal is that the device would remember the user's last action and change the default to the corresponding calling method.

However, this is a new behavior and needs to be examined by the Patent team to reduce legal backfire. Unfortunately, this behavior has been registered by Apple: Managing contact information for communication applications (US20170359302A1).

The benefits

For users, they can directly connect with iOS and PC users through the phone app without requiring additional software. They can reach out to international contacts effortlessly, facilitating communication with friends and family abroad. Additionally, they benefit from a dependable and secure platform, ensuring high-quality audio and video calls.



For Samsung, the integration of Google Meet meant offering users an easy-to-use communication tool, enhancing competitiveness, and increasing customer loyalty.



For Verizon,  it led to a strategic partnership with Google, potential revenue growth, and increased app usage




Different interactions for different results?

The 2nd proposal shows different results when users tap or long-press the chooser icon.

If users tap, it means launching the corresponding app.

If users long-press, it means changing the default calling method.

However, the issue with this proposal is that it is not clear that the user is changing for this contact or the entire app. 

How to increase discoverability?

How would users know they can make changes in the contact app?

Proposals to increase discoverability


One time tooltip

When user lands on the phone app for the first time, we display this tooltip.


Tooltip when close chooser

When the user closes the chooser for the first time, we display this tooltip.


Help icon

To show this help icon, users can choose to tap and view the tooltip.


N badge

To indicate there is new menu item, we add this N badge in Contact app.


Tooltip when Chooser is opened for the 2nd time

When users close the chooser and open it for the  2nd time, we display the tooltip.

Final decisions

After comparing the proposals by conducting peer review and user testing, I talked to the team to adapt proposal E due to its relevance with user intention and visibility of the tooltip.

Business impact

Launched with S22 series as a global Samsung behavior



Implemented on over 1 Billion models until now


1 Billion +

Video chat initiated from dialer has boosted from 4.3% to 7.9%


54% ↑


Change calling method in Contact app

While the previous two solutions are not ideal, I am also examining what competitors are doing. For instance, Apple includes a favorites tab in their phone app, allowing users quick access to their preferred contact methods.


However, Samsung cannot adopt a similar solution because the favorites function is used as a bookmark feature.

Nonetheless, analyzing competitor behavior inspired me to implement this feature within the settings of the contact app. This way, it is clear that users are configuring this specific content rather than the entire app.

The only issue with this solution is 'discoverability.' 

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